minutesprice (JD)validity
Weekly pay as you go2551 week
Weekly pay as you go75121 week
Weekly pay monthly & cost control7561 week
Weekly pay monthly & cost control1208.51 week
Monthly pay monthly & cost control300201 month
Monthly pay monthly & cost control600301 month
Monthly pay monthly & cost control1000401 month
        • Bundles are not subject to annual commitments
        • Bundles allow you to receive calls anywhere in the world regardless of the operator
        • You can subscribe to any of the below bundles through *987#, visit any Orange shop, or through call center by calling 1777 or 0777700177
        • Bundle validity starts counting on the day of the bundle purchase
        • For pay monthly subscribers, bundle subscription fee will be added to the monthly bill
        • For pay as you go and cost control subscribers, bundle subscription will be deducted from the main balance
        • You can check bundle remaining balance and bundle expiry date through *987#
        • You can only buy one bundle at one time. once bundle is expired or minutes are consumed, then you can buy another bundle