weinak card

Weinak Calling Card

Low international call rates, your loved ones are near wherever you are.

Connect with friends and family around the world at the lowest tax inclusive rates with Weinak prepaid calling card.

Weinak is an Orange prepaid calling card that offers you the best rates for international calls whether you are calling to a mobile phone or fixed line. By using Weinak you will lower down your monthly long distance phone bills.

To make your calls, dial 080099800 from any mobile or fixed line, and follow the voice instructions.

Weinak card basic rates:

Weinak Promotion:

Know more about the international minutes bundles that you get when you use the Weinak scratch card for JD 2 :

weinak prices

Want more minutes?

you can use Weinak cards for JD 3,5,8 tax-inclusive
- This offer is valid till 15/9/ 2020
- National and international calls are rated per minute

Weinak Application

To benefit more when using Weinak scratch cards on your mobile, all you need to do is download "Weinak Application" and charge your card through it. You can download the app on Android devices only.
  • Weinak scratch card numbers are directly saved in the application after dialing once
  • Checking the rates per minute for the international call destination
  • Keeping track of the remaining minutes and the card expiry date through Weinak application