Looking for the best way to call internationally

We all love to stay connected with our loved ones abroad to check up on them and call them, and that’s why Orange is giving you Weinak, an application designed to perfectly meet your international calling needs. When you download the application, you benefit from these special features:

    • Minute rate starting from 2.5 p/minute
    • Activating 2 Weinak scratch cards* at the same time
    • * Weinak scratch card numbers are directly saved in the application after dialing once
    • Checking the rates per minute for the international call destination
    • Keeping track of the remaining minutes and the card expiry date through Weinak application

* Weinak scratch cards JD 2, 3, 5, 8

– You can download the application on the following handsets: Android, Windows and IOS handsets on their respective app stores