Unlimited calls to Ooredoo


So you can stay closer to your family and friends in Palestine and always in touch, Orange is giving you a special offer for the first time in Jordan.

Now, you can enjoy unlimited minutes in Palestine on Ooredoo Mobile network without any extra fees.

When you subscribe to one of the following offers:

Offer Cap

Postpaid and cost control lines & Pay as you go offers:

Orange 13 Max line, Orange 11 Max line, Orange 9 Max, YO 9 Max, YO 11 Max lines, International 9 Max line, Visitor's line, Visitor's line Extra.

1000 Minutes / Month

Pay as you go offers:

Orange 8 Max & Humat Al Watan lines

500 Minutes / Month
For other mobile lines, you can also subscribe to the following bundles to call Ooredoo mobile network, by dialing *678#
Bundle Bundle Price (JD) Minutes
Weekly 0.25 Unlimited *
Monthly 1 Unlimited *


- Above prices do not include tax

- The promotional international minutes to Ooredoo are valid till 31/12/2023