International discounted rates for prepaid mobile lines

With Orange International lines, Orange International line 8, Orange 10+ new line, Orange 12+ new line & Orange 15+ new line you will get a discounted international rates to the below destinations:

Middle East and North Africa Country  Rate/minute(Piasters)
Yemen 10
Bahrain 9
Palestine Ooredoo  2 (Free for limited offers*)
Fixed & Paltel 10
Saudi Arabia, Sudan, UAE, Kuwait, Lebanon 11
Syria 23
Oman 17
Libya 19
Egypt 7
Europe Country  Rate/minute(Piasters)
Turkey 9
Denmark, Norway, Malta, The Netherlands, Finland, Ireland, Slovakia, France, Germany, Romania, Sweden, Spain 14
Cyprus 16
Asia Country  Rate/minute(Piasters)
Bangladesh, India, China 2.5
Malaysia 4.5
Indonesia 5
Nepal, Kenya, The Philippines 8
Myanmar, Sri Lanka 10
Pakistan 12
Singapore 14
Ethiopia, Thailand 16
Hong Kong, South Korea 17
Ghana, Uganda 20
Other countries Country  Rate/minute(Piasters)
New Zealand 8
Canada, USA, Australia 9
Russia 14
Mexico, Ukraine 17

For other prepaid lines: Orange 2, Orange 3, Orange 5, Orange 6, Orange 7, Orange 8,Orange basic, Visitor's line, Visitor's line extra, Humat Al Watan, Dardish, Yalla Shabab, 3ezwaty lines, Ghair Shekl, Ghair Shekl+, and Yo offers:

Zone Country  Rate/minute(Piasters)
Middle East and North Africa Bahrain, Iraq, Sudan, Kuwait, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Yemen 12
Palestine Palestine ( Ooredoo )  8 (Free for limited offers*)
Palestine ( Jawwal & Paltel ) 10
Syria 23
Oman 17
Egypt 7
Europe Country  Rate/minute(Piasters)
Austria, Belgium, Cyprus, France, Germany, Greece, Italy, Romania, Russia, Spain, Sweden, United Kingdom 16
Turkey 12
Asia Country  Rate/minute(Piasters)
Bangladesh, China, India, Indonesia, Malaysia 5
Kenya, Sri Lanka, Pakistan 12
Philippines 8.5
Other countries Country  Rate/minute(Piasters)
Australia, USA, Canada 9

• 8 piasters/International SMS
• Prices above are tax-exclusive
• Local and international calls are rated per minute
• The above international rates are subject to change, and valid till end of June 2021

For other international rates, please visit this link