New International discounted rates

Prepaid Lines’ International Calling Rates
Stay in touch with your loved ones around the world

For Orange International line, Orange International 7,Orange 9,11,and 15 :

Middle East and North Africa New rates for international lines
in piasters (p)
Yemen 10
Bahrain 9
Palestine Wataniya Free minutes for Orange 7 International
2 p/m for Orange International Line
Fixed & Paltel 10
Saudi Arabia, Sudan, UAE, Kuwait, Lebanon 11
Syria 12
Oman 17
Libya 19
Europe New rates for international lines
in piasters (p)
Turkey 9
Denmark, Norway, Malta, The Netherlands, Finland, Ireland, Slovakia, France, Germany, Romania, Sweden, Spain 14
Cyprus 16
Asia New rates for international lines
in piasters (p)
Bangladesh, India, China 2.5
Malaysia 4.5
Indonesia 5
Nepal, Kenya, The Philippines 8
Myanmar, Sri Lanka 10
Pakistan 12
Singapore 14
Ethiopia, Thailand 16
Hong Kong, South Korea 17
Ghana, Uganda 20
Other countries New rates for international lines
in piasters (p)
New Zealand 8
Canada, USA, Australia 9
Russia 14
Mexico, Ukraine 17

For other offers?

New Orange Lines (2,5,6,7 & Orange basic line), Humat Al Watan, Dardish, Yalla Shabab, 3ezwaty lines, Ghair Shekl & Ghair Shekl+

What destinations are included ?

Country Rate per minute (Piasters)
Bangladesh, China, India, Indonesia, Malaysia 5
Australia, USA, Canada 9
Bahrain, Iraq, Sudan, Kuwait, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Yemen 12
Kenya, Sri Lanka, Pakistan 12
Austria, Belgium, Cyprus, France, Germany, Greece, Italy, Romania, Russia, Spain, Sweden, United Kingdom 16
Oman 17
Philippines 8.5
Palestine ( Watanya ) 8
Palestine ( Jawwal & Paltel ) 10
Turkey 12
Syria 12

Visitors line

Now Orange is offering you new visitors line with the ability to keep your same number with park your line service.