Filipino 8+ line

Filipino 8+, the best line to stay connected with your family in the Philippines and enjoy unlimited calls to 5 PLDT Philippines numbers with the best quality.

Filipino 8+
Minutes to PLDT Philippines (Smart, TNT &Sun networks)
Internet (GB)
Minutes to Orange Mobile
Minutes to other local networks
Local SMS
Data carryover
To subscribe
Monthly subscription
JD 8

For other prepaid lines, you can also enjoy unlimited calls to 5 PLDT Philippines numbers, by subscribing to one of the below bundles.

Important Information:
- The first 5 PLDT Philippines numbers called will automatically be set as your favorite numbers, and reset every 30 days.
- Only one Filipino bundle may be activated at a time.
- The minute rate after the bundle, and to other operators in the Philippines, is 8.5 piaster.
- After finishing your 12 GB bundle, you will get an extra 6 GB that can be used as you wish, but at a reduced speed.

*Terms and Conditions:

Fair usage policy applies within the following limits: 1,200 minutes to PLDT Philippines, 35,000 minutes to Orange Mobile, and 3,500 local SMS (120 messages/day).

- Prices above are tax-exclusive.
- All monthly subscriptions are valid for 30 days.
- The promotional minutes to PLDT Philippines are valid until the end of Dec 2019, and you will be notified by SMS, in case of a promotional extension.

Free credit for you and your friends

Instantly, after 1 month, you may start inviting your friends to join the Filipino 8+ line, so both of you can enjoy JD 1/month free credit for 3 months, with the Feed W Estafeed service.

- To know more, press *207#, or visit Feed W Estafeed page